Line Up

The bands and DJs performing at The Big Chill bring breath-taking live performances and record collections to envy from global stars and local heroes, including:


From cut-up remixing to live visual mixing, Coldcut first exploded onto the cutting edge of dance music in the 80s, and they are still there. 2006’s ‘Sound Mirrors’ album – including collaborations with Roots Manuva and Robert Owens, proved that they continue to innovate. Their live show is an audio visual extravaganza that has circled the world several times over the last 12 months – including a spectacular set at The Big Chill 2006.

Norman Jay

Uniquely among DJs, Norman Jay has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II with an MBE – in recognition of his service to music in the UK. At The Big Chill’s festival at Eastnor, Norman’s Sunday afternoon set, is a traditional highlight of the weekend – with soul, hip hop, house, drum and bass fusing to bring Good Times.

Jose Padilla

A familiar name everywhere, Jose Padilla has exported his beautiful, mellow Cafe del Mar sound all over the world – through hugely popular compilation albums and with DJ appearances worldwide.

The Bays

The Bays do not record. The Bays do not rehearse. What The Bays do is play brilliantly improvised dance music live. Performance is the product. Taking the rhythms of hip hop, house music and drum and bass as their starting point, these four musicians create a continuous soundscape, telepathically changing the mood at the flick of a beat. The Bays have stunned festival and concert goers worldwide, creating music completely of the moment and collecting fans through shows throughout the UK and worldwide.


When DJs mix videos instead of records, it’s feast for the eyes, the ears and the dancing feet. Hexstatic collide classic videos with beats from right now, making switched on audiences dance to Abba, the sound of trees being chopped down, or whatever other ammunition they decide to load into their dance floor-aimed audio-visual missiles.

Tom Middleton

Jedi Knight Tom Middleton’s productions as Global Communications and Amba have enchanted chill-out audiences all over the world, while his DJ sets range from blissed out beauty, through cheeky cover versions to dancefloor-shaking beats.

Sheila Chandra

As a teenager Sheila formed the band Monsoon, and created a fusion of Western (synthpop) and Indian pop styles. Chandra went on to release a number of albums in the 1980s, at times experimenting with her voice as an instrument through a range of techniques. In the 1990s she released three albums on Peter Gabriel’s Real World label. Since 1992 she has shifted from the Indian-Western fusion of synthesizer-centered pop to styles that draw on British and Irish traditional singing traditions. A much-respected performer on the world music scene and remains active into the 21st Century, performing the song ‘Breath Of Life’ on the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack.


Bombay bred Shri (Shrikanth Sriram), of Badmarsh and Shri fame, has been a main light in the UK Asian Music Scene since it first came to prominence in the early 1990’s. Shri trained as a classical tabla player, from a very early age. He turned tradition on its head by adapting his innovative feel for percussion to other instruments notably his self-made fretless bass and the Indian bamboo flute. Using his Tabla techniques he quickly developed a totally unique style of slapping and coercing the most haunting and funky sounds from a bass that combined the visual gravitas of a sitar with the reverberant voice of the bowed Indian Sarangi, establishing a reputation as a unique multi-instrumentalist and performer. His curiosity and constant search for something new and interesting has led his career and experiences to be extremely diverse. These are absorbed in his compositions, rolling drum and bass, sublime filmic trances and funky grooves, which travel the length and breadth of deepest India to deepest South London. Truly new music.